What I happen to have in common with cockroaches…

We’re both dullards in the morning. Really, it’s true. The only exams I ever flunked were in the a.m. I’ve got no motor coordination when I wake up. I forget things - it takes me about four takes to leave the house with what I think is everything. And um, just ask anyone who knows me, I’m just plain dumb for the first hours of the day.

Well, cockroaches are just the same. According to a batch of Vanderbilt researchers, cockroaches are fast learners in the evening, and stupidheads in the morning:

“This is the first example of an insect whose ability to learn is controlled by its biological clock,” said Professor of biological sciences Terry Page, who led the study with undergraduate students Susan Decker and Shannon McConnaughey…

“It is very surprising that the deficit in the morning is so profound,” said Page. “An interesting question is why the animal would not want to learn at that particular time of day. We have no idea.”

And the exact same thing could be said of my brain’s fogginess upon rising. How walking into door frames first thing in the day is adaptive? I’ve got nothing. 

Posted by Anne Casselman on October 03, 2007 at 3:53 PM in creature feature
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Being around cockroaches all the time, I can say that the best time to spray is in the AM. There are always a few out an about in the morning, but most are at the nest. When we spray, these sentries take the bait back and kill off the colony.

As for you, maybe you are meant to be on the night shift when you get to heaven. LOL.

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